This is a Twitch chat bot that lets people collect egs Okayeg
It also has many useful commands :) check the commands list here.

How to add the bot to your channel
Bot stats
Contact info

Bot by badoge :)
If you find any issues or if you have suggestions or questions, you can contact me:
in this chat
or on discord
or by email

  • How do I remove the bot from my channel?
    • Type =leave in your chat.
  • How do I disable the lottery announcements?
    • You can disable them by disabling the lottery command using =toggle lottery
  • How do I disable the "command is disabled" messages?
    • You can use the =mute command to remove them.
  • How do I disable the live/offline notifications?
    • You can use the =mute command to remove them.
  • Can I use the bot while the channel is live?
    • You can use the =allowonline command to allow the bot to run while the channel is live.
  • Where did my egs go?
    • Egs get reset every month, You can check how many you had in the previous seasons on the leaderboardleaderboard
  • I changed my username, will I lose my egs?
    • No, the bot will update your username the next time you use any command.
  • I changed my username, do I need to add the bot again?
    • No, the bot checks for name changes every couple hours and will rejoin automatically.
  • Why did the bot leave my channel?
    • There are a couple reasons why the bot might leave your channel:
      • You or one of your mods banned the bot.
      • You got suspended from Twitch.
      • Bot has not been used for over a month.
  • Why did I get banned?
    • You can get banned for:
      • Banning or timing out the bot in your chat.
      • Automating =eg to farm egs.
      • Using bots to farm egs.
      • Abusing commands.
  • What programming language is the bot written in?
    • JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Where is the bot hosted?
    • The bot is hosted on AWS US West (Oregon), which is the same region that Twitch uses.
  • Is the bot open source?
    • yeah but open source software is like a 3rd party thing and I don't know
  • More questions?
    • Use one of the contact methods listed above or use the =suggest command to ask me anything.